Which essential oils should be applied to the skin? And how to apply them?

The application of an essential oil makes it possible to contain several hundred active molecules. These molecules have very distinct properties. Vegetable oil is more powerful in synergy. It can be combined in order to benefit from specific virtues. Thanks to the numerous categories of essential oils, one can concoct entirely personalized mixtures according to the needs. In addition, the oils can act in depth and over the long term. It is thus recommended to add them to complete the contents of face masks and daily beauty products.

Essential oils available for each skin type

We discover essential oils to care for every skin type. Lavender oils have many properties such as healing effects. The scent of the product has relaxing properties. In cosmetics, lavender essential oil is ideal for improving well-being. One can also create a soothing and repairing serum by diluting drops of ylang-ylang or chamomile essential oil. This mixture is ideal for soothing sensitive skin. People who suffer from dry skin can apply neroli essential oil. This can be combined with a nourishing vegetable oil such as avocado oil. Oily skin can be cared for by applying purifying active ingredients found for example in pine essential oil. Its effectiveness is optimized by mixing it with sebum-regulating vegetable oil such as jojoba-based oil.

Anti-wrinkle essential oils to put on the face

There are several types of natural and effective anti-wrinkle treatments. This is the case of essential oil of rosewood or incense that is mixed with avocado vegetable oil. Alleviate dark circles by applying a gentle massage around the eyes with tea tree essential oil. One can benefit from an express mask by mixing this product with argan oil. The tea tree can also heal a pimple. These healing and purifying virtues can overcome acne.

Precautions to take before applying essential oils

Essential oils are powerful products. They are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Those who have doubts should consult a professional. It is better to favour the purchase of essential oils of macadamia, sesame or other natural substances by favouring ready-to-use brands. People who suffer from allergies should carry out a test beforehand. It is best to apply a drop of oil combined with a drop of vegetable oil in the crease of the elbow. When no reaction is felt after 24 hours, this means that you can safely combine the essential oil in your cosmetic products.
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