Know the organic massage oils to make the right choice!

Among the most popular massage oils on the market are moisturizing and relaxing oils such as olive oil, argan oil and coconut oil. These certified organic antioxidant and soothing oils can be applied to the body, hair or face. They do not share the same benefits.

Characteristics of Argan oil, coconut oil and olive oil

The particularity of Argan oil is that it reduces inflammatory reactions. This organic massage oil softens the skin and has photo-sensitizing specificities. Coconut oil has a very rich texture that gives the skin a satin appearance. This product prevents the formation of stretch marks. It is an ally for pregnant women who wish to moisturize their skin. The texture is not suitable for oily areas. People prone to small pimples should avoid putting them on the upper back. As for olive oil, this vegetable massage oil contains polyphenols. It participates in the restoration of muscular flexibility. Many athletes use it to relax their muscles. The products are attributed the power to fight against rheumatism. The composition of these massage products generally contains essential oils. These oils are the best way to benefit from their active ingredients.

Essential oils used for wellness massage

Organic massage oil is a neutral base product that can be added to essential oils. This substance multiplies or reduces the effects of massages tenfold. The advantage of essential oils in aromatherapy is that they act on the mind as well as on the body. Relaxing essential oils are suitable for Ayurvedic massages such as Abhyanga or Shirotchampi. Among these types of oil are lavender, chamomile and neroli. These products promote letting go. The wellness massage practitioner must always adapt the use of his products according to his clients. By using invigorating essential oils such as those containing pink pepper, cypress, lemon, juniper or mint, one benefits from products that can give a real boost to the body. These products are suitable for a dynamic Swedish massage.

Many virtues of organic massage oils

Vegetable massage oils provide the massaged person with many virtues. For example, we discover relaxing and soothing massage oil capable of improving sleep and relieving stress. Products to relieve joint pain treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism... Relieve cramps, lumbagos, aches and pains, tendinitis by applying a massage oil to relieve muscle or ligament pain. There are also oils on the market against blood circulation disorders, special slimming, respiratory massage oil or aphrodisiacs specially designed for sensual massages.
For a successful massage, you need the right massage oil!
Which essential oils should be applied to the skin? And how to apply them?

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