Alternative medicine in a nutshell

In view of the sometimes insufficient effects of traditional medicine, many French people have chosen to opt for alternative medicine treatments. It is therefore a complementary or natural medicine composed of a wide range of curative methods whose main approaches are in line with the physiological notions of Western medicine.

An effective natural medicine?

Alternative medicine is currently experiencing a tremendous boom. Faced with the powerlessness of conventional medicine, more and more of us are turning to these gentle, more humane, more subtle therapies that help us better understand our bodies. These disciplines are accompanied by a questioning of the materialistic conception of man and a revision of his way of life. Alternative medicine is a natural medicine covering several alternative therapies that are very different from conventional medicine, but are known and scientifically proven. Alternative medicine uses a large number of means and treatments that are not accepted by traditional medicine, yet it is still valued for its natural virtues and the reliability of its treatments, which are recognized and defined.

Good to know

If you choose alternative medicine, be sure to inform your treating neurologist and maintain regular contact with him or her.

Holistic medicine

While standard medicine defines health as the absence of disease, holistic medicine defines it as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. For its practitioners, diseases catch people, rather than people catching diseases when we become susceptible to the germs of disease to which we are all constantly exposed. Indeed, allopathic and holistic health terminologies are not the same at the level of diagnosis and treatment of disease. In traditional medicine the primary causes of disease are believed to be pathogens, bacteria, viruses and biochemical disorders. To treat problems, practitioners use medication, surgery and radiation. In contrast, holistic medicine focuses on preventing disease and maintaining health. Any imbalance can stress the body and cause illness. Health is thus seen as a balance between the body's systems (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical). To fight disease, alternative medicine recommends many therapies to support the body's natural defenses and restore its balance. But as soon as a disease sets in or an injury is made, the first instinct of alternative medicine is to find solutions to strengthen this natural resistance and find the healing agents so that they can act against the disease efficiently.
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