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The United Kingdom has long been at the forefront of the international fashion scene, probably since the days of tweed and tartan. Today, the multi-billion dollar British fashion industry produces some of the world's most coveted designs, attracting discerning fashionistas from around the world in search of the latest trends. Before you start shopping in the UK, you should know how to find them first. You can locate the shops easily via online websites and applications like for example.

The best addresses for vintage second-hand clothes

At Blue Rinse, singularity of style is assured. This ready-to-wear company sells vintage items alongside its unique "re-made in England" collection that brings used clothing pieces back to life and transforms them into modern pieces. A stronghold of bright colours, Retro RehabThe link opens in a new window operated by external parties and may not apply the same accessibility policies as Cathay Pacific is easily identifiable thanks to its blue-green front. Inside, the colour palette has some nice surprises in store for you along with a few pieces of women's clothing and knick-knacks. Pop BoutiqueThe link opens in a new window operated by external parties and may not apply the same accessibility policies as Cathay Pacific is also a local favorite with its eclectic collection for men and women. In the 1980s, the modest boutique started out in the back of a van and grew to eventually establish itself across England and bring a brand of vintage-inspired products to life.

The quintessence of British style

Admired the world over, all the art of the British style lies in the cultural mix of the traditional custom-made tweeds used by the aristocracy plus the debauchery of latent styles from various subcultures. Start in Barbour, a bastion of the British attitude known for its pragmatic waxed cotton canvas coats. Now adequately equipped even for a downpour, take a trip to Jack Wills, a contemporary ready-to-wear brand that dresses young men and women in crew neck sweaters and designer sweatshirts. And to add a touch of provocation, check out Fred Perry, the eponymous brand launched by the famous international tennis player, whose cotton polo shirts have symbolised British subcultures since Mods began wearing them in the 1960s.

Hervia Bazaar

For the folk fashion trend, go directly to the Hervia Bazaar boutique. With an intriguing selection of established and promising designers, this exclusive boutique strives to satisfy the demands of its customers with an intriguing selection of established and promising designers. The goal of this exclusive boutique is to sell items that are adored enough to become family treasures. Crack safely on an Alexander McQueen piece knowing that it will be appreciated by generations to come.
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