Good British addresses for a successful shopping!

Topshop, Estée Edit, Laura Lee... So many signs located in London that make us dream! Yes, there are many brands in the UK offering different collections at reasonable prices. How about going shopping in Kate Middleton's town?


How do you get to London without going through the huge Topshop in Regent Street? The store is spread over several floors, including one entirely dedicated to accessories. Once you enter this veritable Ali Baba's cave, you really don't know where to start. Stands for customization and other ultra-trendy animations are at our disposal for a new shopping experience. Visit if you want to know how to locate your shops easily.

Estée Edit

Kendall Jenner's pretty face covers the walls of this shop like no other! Estée Edit is finally establishing itself as the "junior" line of Estée Lauder's US-made cosmetics. It was launched a year and a half ago in the United States, the brand targets young women looking for a modern, quality and reasonable make-up. A first boutique opened its doors in London, in the very popular Carnaby Street. Make-up tests and discovery of these products still unknown in France... We love it.

Sister Jane

Located in the Notting Hill area, the small Sister Jane shop is situated above a healthy and trendy restaurant on this busy street. From the babydoll look to the bohemian trend, every piece seems to have been thought out and carefully placed in this little fashion paradise. Each Sister Jane basic is boosted by a little originality, which is the strength of this store like no other. The good news: you can also order online!


We've been dreaming about this trench coat with a Scottish print stitched with our initials for years. Well, its price has so far been a little demotivating. For the pleasure of the eyes or with the aim of cracking once and for all, we push the doors of the huge concept store of Regent Street Burberry. More than 2,500 m² of space showcasing the iconic creations of the British house, we would spend an afternoon there.

Dahlia Fashion

All the hot chicks are gonna love this shop. Dahlia offers a wide range of girly clothes with a very original signature and a little bit retro. Located in the Carnaby Street area, this little fashionista cave contains treasures that could hurt our bank account. Just hot.

Laura Lee

Launched in 1985, this 100% British jewellery brand is one of our favourite addresses in the UK. Since then, we hope to receive one of these little marvels for our anniversary. The designer, who designs her rings, necklaces and bracelets from her London workshop, blends luxury, simplicity and elegance through her collections. Gold or silver pieces that celebrate nature, bohemian chic and the appropriation of an object, as these jewels are so customizable. So let's go to the Laura Lee boutique, located in the Seven Dials district!

Club Monaco

It is also in the trendy Seven Dials district that Club Monaco has chosen to settle. The American brand has an ever-growing following and we now know the recipe for this success: stylish pieces, top-of-the-range quality, revisited basics and well-selected materials. In short, we are falling for it and sincerely regret that the brand is not more present in France. It took a trip to London to remember this brand made in USA and then back to the eshop!

French Connection

Timeless, classic pieces, but always with a touch of chic... French Connection is one of those 100% British brands that are worth the detour and that we don't know enough about in France. We can find there outfits to go to work, for an evening dressed as for a casual sunday with the family. Quality pieces that we can now order from our sofa since we know our UK size!


Downton Abbey fans who dream of a traditional "gentlewoman farmer" piece in their wardrobe can rush to the Barbour boutiques. You can opt for a checkered shirt, a pair of boots or a carefree khaki scarf.


Skinnydip is like SPOT to find an iPhone case or a purse that's completely "locked". The brand offers glittery prints adorned with unicorns, lobsters, lipsticks or mermaids. Accessories that don't go unnoticed and that's good!


The Monki shop contains many pieces of sportswear such as girly. Clothes, but also shoes, leather goods and beautiful jewellery with a nineties touch. The plus? The mini-prices offered by the brand, of course.
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