Amethyst healing properties and uses in alternative medicine


Amethyst is a valuable natural gemstone consisting of a purple or violet variety of quartz. It's a silicate mineral stone that makes up the largest class of minerals and covers roughly about 90% of the earth's crust. Silicate minerals usually contain an ionic compound whose anions consist of silicon and oxygen atoms. In crystallography, it belongs to the trigonal system. It has a glassy nature and white streak. It's a semiprecious stone that makes natural stone jewellery. It is also used in numerous healing rituals for the well-being of an individual. touches more on the benefits of using amethyst stones in litho therapy. This is an ancestral method used to cure ailments using stones.

The stone's history

Amethyst stone usage dates back to ancient civilisations from as early as 25000BC. From the Egyptians to the Romans and Greeks, it drew people to the stone's healing powers. An age-old tale of the stone is in Greek mythology. The stone was a rock crystal dyed purple by the tears of Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry. Many believe it could prevent the owner from becoming drunk from a cup made entirely of amethyst. An individual using such a cup while drinking would not get drunk at all.

The ancient Egyptians also used it as a representative of the zodiac sign of the goat. They believed the goat was the enemy of vineyards and grapevines. It made it the enemy of wines hence giving you a sober mind even while indulging.

Medieval soldiers also wore amethyst amulets as protection in battle as they believed that they heal people and keep them cool and calm during a battle.

Amethyst sources

You find the stone in numerous locations across the globe. Some of the best quality natural stones are produced in large quantities from the state of Rio de Grande do Sul in Brazil. It occurs in large crystals within volcanic rocks. A majority of the hollow crevices in southwestern Brazil and Uruguay contain several amethyst crystals in the interior.

Other places that produce the amethyst stone in big masses are Mara and pau d' Arco, para, and the Parana basin, Sandoval, Santa Cruz Bolivia: Artigas, Uruguay: Kalomo, Zambia, thunder bay and Ontario. Smaller deposits are in South Korea, Mexico, Africa, parts of Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Russia, and Afghanistan. Russia is also known for having a large production of fine amethyst stones especially near Marinka in the Ekaterinburg district.

Amethyst healing properties

The Amethyst stone has several healing properties. It could be physical, metaphysical or emotional healing properties. The following highlights the healing properties of the natural stones.

Physical properties

  • It aids with healthy cell generation as it stirs up rest and sleeps, thereby improving hormonal balance. This helps the body find its inner harmony as the stone aids in balancing metabolism and positively serves the endocrine system against low vibrations.
  • The purple hue of the stone also ensures the body, mind, and soul is cleansed This avoids toxins. It's the best aid for those that occasionally experience migraines and a foggy head. This gives the individual more focus as they can get to think clearly without distractions whatsoever.
  • It's also the best for one who wants to keep a sober mind. It is well attributed to serving as a reminder to have lucid thoughts to make the right choices in life. If an individual gets to maintain a sober mind, they will prevent themselves from making any unprepared rush decisions that could prove to be quite risky afterwards.
  • It's also known to boost the immune system as it fights off ailments, infections, and diseases in the body. Its pure nature helps to reduce stress levels as it generally gives out good energy to all parts of the body. This gives the individual newfound strength and zeal to face out a new day.
  • It's the best to fight off insomnia. It brings rest and helps one to sleep peacefully throughout the night. A good sleep at night is best as one can go through each day easily if they get the required rest needed by the body. It further helps in remembering and understanding the meaning behind dreams.

Emotional properties

  • It brings a sense of clarity and calms to the user. Those who possess it feel comforted and grounded. It acts as the best remedy to those dealing with grief, loss, and all types of sadness. It gives the individual a way of dealing with the entire load accompanied by any type of grief or loss.
  • It's the best aid to remind people not to have fear of the unknown. They can then get to face life and question any situation that does not sit well with the individual.
  • It's the best remedy for those who tend to be quick to anger. It quickly disperses the rage and replaces it with a sense of serenity. Anger is known to bring about cases of tragedy, be it physical or emotional. Amethyst stone can help an individual regulate their emotions and deal with a situation with an open and sober mind.
  • It also triggers a sense of creativity that reveals your core well of inspiration within oneself. Once the mind is in a state of calmness, you get a feeling of clarity giving way to the tapping of the creative part of the mind.
  • It helps the user to have a spiritual balance. They not only gain positive thinking but also embrace and honor the darkness within. They do this without holding it in the heart.
  • It's the best aid for meditation as it promotes a calm state of mind that aids in gaining more focus as you meditate.
  • It is a key tool in the deep transformation of one's life as it promotes stability with restful sleep making one be more balanced and able to deal with the chaotic world.
  • It is the best aid for those who have a hard time in decision-making. It gives inner sight, wisdom, and knowledge that is necessary whilst making a decision.

Metaphysical properties

  • It's well associated with the unlocking of the crown Chakra. It is a tool for those who are venturing into spiritual awakening. It's believed to be the bridge between the spiritual and physical realms. The color associated with the third eye is violet which is similar to amethyst stone. Once the third eye opens, one can use their intuition, gain wisdom and get back the thrill in their imagination.
  • The crown chakra connects to where the cosmic consciousness sits. If it's blocked it can lead to feelings of alienation and disconnection. With the amethyst stone, the crown Chakra opens and openly receives and acquires well-being and balance. In turn, it gives individual working confidence and a deeper connection in one's wisdom.
  • It is an excellent guide against psychic attacks. It's known to ward off any lingering negative energy. It then raises the vibration around a person's energy whilst also protecting against misfortune. It protects the mind from all forms of black magic and any emotional manipulations.
  • They are known to also block electromagnetic frequencies that can bring forth negativity. Human-made objects are known to release a lot of negative frequencies that halts the earth's natural field.

How to use the stone

  • It is used as a natural tranquilizer as it gives off soothing frequencies in any space it's placed in.
  • It is used to make natural stone jewellery. Types of natural stone jewellery such as amethyst bangles, bracelets, pendants, and worry stones occasionally work to enhance beauty. They also have an added advantage as they also ensure the crown Chakra and third eye Chakra are inflow.
  • It's the best to use while meditating as it enhances focus by making the mind be still and at ease.
  • It is used in the home area to bring healing by building an altar with it placed at its central point. This will aid in making the mind gain focus and rewire the mind got better concentration. This will greatly improve relations at home amongst household members.
  • It is a beautiful balance tool. This is so as it nurtures sound serenity as it absorbs any negative frequencies in an area.
  • One can also place it at the workplace to stimulate the rush of action, emotion, and zeal for new ideas and concepts. This in turn can lead members of the workplace to gain inspiration, reduce procrastination and promote healthy relationships among colleagues at work.
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