Nuru massage, a sensual body-body massage practice!

Nuru massage is a practice that originated in Japan. In English, the term means slippery. To practice this type of massage, which is very popular in the land of the rising sun, a specific gel containing Nori seaweed is used. This substance responsible for the smoothing effect increases the pleasure as well as the sensations during sensual body-body massage sessions. Need to awaken your sensuality, exacerbate your senses, eroticize your sex life?

How is Nuru massage practiced?

To fully enjoy the Nuru massage, the massaged persons will be able to benefit from the virtues of the massage oil adapted to their skin type. This massage session is performed in a place where the ambient temperature varies between 23 and 26 degrees. In addition to being exciting and sensual, it is a complicit massage session where partners massage each other body to body. This massage practiced as a couple helps to spice up the relationship. Indeed, this naturist massage can be done in the privacy of the house. There are also a few institutes offering this type of treatment. During these sessions, the masseuse does not only use her hands. All parts of the body are used for massage.

Equipment for a sensual body-body massage session

When practicing nuru massage at home, you need at least two items. A nuru gel and a waterproof cover to cover the mattress or bed to avoid dirtying the sheets. Note that argan oil and coconut oil can do the trick for these naturist sessions. This practice can be done as well on men as on women. It can be practiced alone or in couple. To test it, go to some massage parlours. These sessions are suitable for those in need of sensuality. The new massage method using gel is already practiced in more and more salons. Discover there all the information about this erotic massage where the abandonment of oneself opens the doors of pleasure.

When to practice Nuru massage?

The technique of body to body massage allows you to share with your partner a parenthesis of relaxation and eroticism. By getting an oil massage, you can boost the desire within the couple. The advantage of this practice is that it guarantees sensuality, pleasure and tenderness. It is recommended to create an atmosphere conducive to seduction and sensuality. The body-body massage is a body to body massage where all parts of the body will be used during the session. For example, you can use your chest to massage your partner with circular movements from top to bottom. Make sure that the gesture is slow and sensual. The forearm can also be used to squeeze and touch the partner. The hands will be used for caresses.
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