Five tips for a successful massage

Not aynone can become a good masseur! It is necessary to follow a few tricks to have the guarantee of a successful massage. We give you 5 tips that will allow you to become an outstanding masseur!

Tip #1: Taking care of your hands

A good massage requires clean and soft hands. Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly with a mild, fragrant soap and trim your nails that are too long for your fingers to have an unparalleled feel! Also pay attention to the force you apply during the massage, it makes sense to ask the person being massaged if the pressure is too strong.

Tip #2: A sense of atmosphere

For a successful massage, the atmosphere has a lot to do with it! Avoid hasty massage sessions in between and take the time to set a pleasant background, light candles and why not incense. While you do your massage, avoid talking and sit next to the person being massaged rather than directly on top of them.

Tip #3: Use oils

To ensure that the hands glide smoothly over the skin, use natural and, if possible, organic oils. Oil is preferable to cream, which penetrates the skin quickly.

Tip #4: Simple Gestures

If you are not an expert in this area, there is no need to engage in complicated techniques requiring elbows or feet; prefer a simple massage with gentle and sensual gestures.

Tip #5 : The rest of the massee

After your particular massage session, let the person being massaged savour the moment and their sense of well-being. Also avoid asking him/her directly to massage you in turn! We hope that these few tips will help you to achieve pleasant and relaxing massages at home.
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