Erotic massage for men: let yourself be tempted by its magic!

When performing a massage as a couple, it is recommended to start with the massage for men. The reason is that the woman is more receptive to the different parts of her body. Thanks to the erotic massage techniques for men, you can let your partner experience the pleasure of sensual caresses.

Main benefits of sensual massage for men

To help the partner relax, he needs to breathe deeply. The erotic masseuse will have to breathe in communion with the massee. She will have to exhale slowly. The warm breath and the voice of the masseuse should contribute to his arousal. During the manual caresses, the energy and the warmth of the masseuse's hands already contribute to the arousal. It is recommended to warm the hands with massage oil by inviting the massee to lie on his or her stomach. We start the session by slightly kneading the shoulders. Use the palms of your hands flat to apply sufficient pressure to produce firm pressure. This exercise helps to release the tension accumulated after a hard day. During this performance, you can feel the energy flowing between the masseuse and the person being massaged. During erotic massage for men, you can gently caress your legs along the line of the muscles. You will need to take the time to linger on the buttocks and gluteal muscles.

Descriptions of erotic massage techniques for men

When you go to an erotic massage parlour and you want to try the sensual massage dedicated to men, you will have to relax completely. Thanks to a belly breathing technique, it will be easier to circulate energy throughout the body. Deep breathing is a technique to awaken the senses of the massaged. When the massage oil has been warmed up and has been spread sufficiently in your hands, place your right hand on the upper back, more precisely between the shoulder blades and your left hand above the bottom, on the arch. Once the hands are placed, the massage consists of making circular movements by joining the hands in the centre of the back. During the intimate massage, do not forget to caress the neck and shoulders.

Steps for giving a sensual massage to a man

Erotic massage is a celebration of the senses: touch, sight, taste and smell. To fully excite your partner, it is recommended to stimulate all the senses. For a successful sensual massage, the room should be prepared with scented candles or incense. The light should then be dimmed to create an intimate and warm atmosphere. Don't forget to put on background music, favouring songs that stimulate sex. Provide a massage oil or moisturizing cream, alternating massage and caresses are a few steps necessary for a successful erotic massage.
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