Difference between massage and modelling?

Modelling is a relaxing and wellness method of manipulating the body and face. This service performed by a practitioner is often done with oil or balms with different virtues for the skin. Let's discover through this article the difference between massage and modelling.

Therapeutic virtues of massage

As with modeling, the purpose of massage is to manipulate the body. The difference is that this practice must imperatively be performed by a qualified masseur-physiotherapist when it comes to being massaged for therapeutic purposes. Only with perfect mastery of the human body can satisfactory results be obtained by applying pressure and touch to different areas of the body. During therapeutic massage sessions, the masseur's gestures have a deep effect on muscles, ligaments and tendons. For this reason, these sessions must be carried out with care to avoid trauma. These massages are often administered during post-operative rehabilitation. Thus, massage is a treatment in its own right for certain pathologies administered as a thermal cure. It is the case in particular to relieve phlebology.

What does modelling consist of?

Modelling is an aesthetic practice carried out by a practitioner. This relaxing and wellness technique consists of manipulating the body and face using oil or balms that have several virtues for the skin. By modelling the face, the elasticity of the epidermis can be restored. This session helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles. When performing a body sculpting, the manipulation reduces orange peel skin while providing well-being and relaxation. Unlike massage, the main objective of body sculpting is aesthetic and relaxing. The advantage of modelling is the psychic relaxation through touch. This aesthetic practice is soft and relaxing. These sessions close to massage have no therapeutic purpose. It has only an aesthetic objective.

Different categories of massage

There are different types of therapeutic massages. Among the many categories of wellness massage are: hot stone massage, ayurvedic massage, Swedish, Korean, affusion, Californian and Thai massage. Each of these sessions has its own therapeutic virtues. They can be techniques capable of forgetting stress and balancing the mood, therapeutic massage to fully relax the body. Some sessions are suitable for people with circulation problems and back pain, while others are able to combat stress, tone muscles and release tension. Therapeutic massages can be included in the paramedical setting. It can be practiced for a re-education of the body following a physical shock or an operation.
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