Erotic massage: How to do it and why it’s important!

The naturist massage is a practice allowing the stimulation of your partner thanks to sensual gestures. This massage is one of the most widespread preliminaries. Its objective is to promote a romantic atmosphere while stimulating the erogenous zones of the partner being massaged. The initiative of a sensual massage alone represents a means to excite the partner. During the session, the recipient of the massage will be able to enjoy gentle caresses.

Tips for a successful erotic massage

A couples massage stimulates sexual desire. Indeed, the person being caressed and the one offering her caresses can feel mutually excited by the erotic gestures of the session. Thanks to the nude massage, lovers stimulate lubrication. At the end of the foreplay, the couple is ready to make love. You can start the session while still dressed. One of the partners takes the initiative and then continues the session by listening to the other lover's motivation. When performing a sensual massage, all techniques are allowed. The most important is to make the desire rise in the person being massaged. Note that you can enjoy the sessions in an erotic massage parlour.

Erotic massage: for more intimacy and pleasure

Massage is not only about relaxation. By performing deep caresses, we can share an intimate and very pleasant moment. Nude massage does not necessarily have sex as its goal. It certainly allows to relax, but also to boost libido and share a moment of intense eroticism. To do a nude massage requires preparation. There are several details to achieve this type of sensual caresses.

The main rules for a successful erotic massage

The success of nude massage depends on the respect of certain rules. Hygiene is important for both the masseur and the massee. To get into the mood, the couple can even take a shower as a couple before the session begins. To avoid keeping contracted muscles, it is recommended to warm up the room. Increase the thermostat so that you can be naked without having to crawl under the blanket. The environment must also be conducive to what we are about to do. Prefer a room or a place that encourages relaxation and rest. Dim the lights, provide background music, light candles, turn off the phones for a comfortable session. It will also be necessary to select the oils by privileging the organic vegetable oil with one or more perfumes which please everyone.
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