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Once decried and neglected, alternative medicine is attracting more and more French people in search of natural ways to fight back pain, migraine and stress: scourges that are very present in our society. According to the French Medical Association, 40% of French people use these natural therapies and this proportion is growing, especially among people suffering from an illness. The craze is such that the World Health Organization has launched a strategic plan to ensure the development of these forms of medicine. If you would like to know more about this subject, I invite you to read our guide.

What is alternative medicine?

Natural, traditional, parallel, unconventional, alternative and complementary, there are a multitude of adjectives to designate this medicine which is attracting more and more followers who want to treat their everyday ailments, relieve their chronic pain, fight against stress or fatigue, or simply to improve their well-being naturally. Considered by many people as a real alternative to so-called conventional medicine, alternative medicine includes a very large number of therapeutic practices (more than 400 according to the WHO), each based on a particular philosophy with their own concepts of illness and care. Generally associated with a whole philosophy of life, alternative medicine is distinguished from conventional medicine by natural therapies derived from ancestral, oriental or innovative traditions, and where the use of drugs and chemical molecules is prohibited.

Why are we increasingly relying on alternative and complementary medicine?

Patients are increasingly preferring the doctor who looks at them as a whole, taking into account both physical and psychological aspects. Alternative medicine responds to this growing desire to consider the body as a whole and not to treat it "piece by piece". Natural medicines are synonymous with gentleness in the treatment of disorders and avoid the side effects of drugs so feared by patients. Sometimes patients turn to alternative medicine out of "desperation" - when conventional medicine has not worked. Finally, some patients are convinced of the benefits of alternative medicine and use it almost exclusively to restore harmony in their whole body.
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