Shopping in the heart of London’s West End

Mayfair is part of the heart of London's West End. It is the most distinguished area of the capital and where tourist activity is the most important thanks to the many monuments it houses. In Mayfair you will find that metropolitan city atmosphere, that richness and power that characterises London and is almost palpable when you walk through its elegant and glittering streets. Some of the shops in the area have been here for centuries. Whether you like to browse through London's most specialised luxury shops or spend your money on trivial but satisfying items, you will always find in Mayfair the rare pearl, the masterpiece, the masterpiece to add to your wardrobe.

Visit the Mayfair area

Mayfair is located in central London, between Soho and Hyde Park. The area is bounded by Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Park Lane. The streets in the area are straight and form an almost perfect grid, making it easy to visit on foot. Mayfair is home to the city's largest hotels, shops, boutiques, art galleries, auction houses and fashion agencies as well as the city's most attractive restaurants. The district has all the assets and lets its opulence and sense of celebration speaks for itself.

How do I get to Mayfair?

Metro: Central Line stops Marble Arch, Bond Street and Oxford Circus; and Piccadilly Line stops Hyde Park Corner, Green Park and Piccadilly Circus. Bus: The only 24-hour bus service is the C2. The other lines serving the area are 6, 7, 10, 13, 23, 73, 94, 98, 137, 139, 159, 189, 390, 9, 14, 19, 22, 38, 2, 16, 36, 74, 82, 148, 414 and 436.


Mayfair shops usually open at 10am and close around 9pm. On Sundays they remain open until 5pm for the most part.

Major Mayfair Stores

Mayfair's stores attract the wealthiest buyers, often found in the city's most upscale jewelry stores or in the highest bidding auction houses. You can also locate them easily via many online websites like for instance. But, fortunately for the average person, looking is a pleasure that remains free. So take a trip around Mayfair to see the luxury in every window of every shop in the area.

Bond Street

Only 1km long and yet Bond Street has plenty to offer you a full day's shopping. In addition to the shops of the biggest fashion designers such as Christian Dior, you will also see many jewellers and antique shops. Diamonds glitter in the windows of De Beers, while luxury suitcases and accessories in darker tones await you in Asprey. You can also attend the luxurious auctions of Bonhams, Sotheby's or those of some of the top galleries such as Richard Green or the Fine Arts Society.

Cork Street

You will find even more art in the many galleries on Cork Street, some of which have been established there for several years now. The Bernard Jacobson Gallery is famous for the works of Howard Hodgkin, Ben Nicholson and Helen Frankenthaler. Redfern, meanwhile, represents more than 20 artists such as Patrick Procktor or Lisa Lombardi. In the Flowers Gallery you can admire an engraving by Jonh Kirby or a painting by Jiro Osuga. We invite you to visit the official website of the Art Gallery of London for more information.

Burlington Arcade

This glass-roofed avenue is home to high-end jewellery and watch shops as well as antique dealers selling genuine antique silver coins. Opened in 1819, it was the country's first major shopping mall and continues to be a sanctuary for specialist shops to this day. IN N. Peal, you'll find cashmere sweaters, Pickett's English-made skin care products and Globe-Trotter's secretly made luxury travel luggage. Security guards wearing top hats guard the driveway and protect it from "unacceptable" behaviour such as running or even whistling.

Savile Row

It is the most important street in the world for gentlemen's clothing made to measure by the best couturiers. Made up of Georgian buildings, it is by hand and with passion that the most beautiful dresses are made in this street. Gieves and Hawkes, couturiers since 1771, dressed the British playwright Noel Coward while Anderson & Sheppard took care of Fred Astaire and Marlene Dietrich. Henry Poole & Co. was the first to open his shop as a couturier on The Row in 1822 and Charles Dickens and Napoleon were some of his clients at the time.
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